Book Review: The Android Developer's Cookbook: Building Applications with the Android SDK

James Steele and Nelson To
The Android Developer's Cookbook

Smart-phone market and mobile web consumption are exploding. Within the next few years, more users will connect to the Internet over mobile devices than desktops. We are in the middle of the next technological revolution.

Android has recently overtaken iPhone in US market share and continues to enjoy widespread adoption among device manufacturers. James Steele's and Nelson To's cookbook helps get started building mobile applications for Android. Organized as a set of independent easy-to-follow recipes, it provides an excellent overview of the fast-growing Android development platform:

  1. Threads, Services, Receivers
  2. Activities, Intents
  3. User Interface elements
  4. Touches and Gestures
  5. Audio and Video support
  6. Communicating with other devices
  7. Location services
  8. Sensors

I highly recommend this book to all levels of the experience. Happy reading!

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